How to go after your interests while working a full-time job…

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

The Good News.

But don’t panic! Like most things in life, someone has already been through the same and came on the other side with a solution that you might apply in your own life.

Get Clarity.

Before you start climbing the ladder, make sure that it is leaning against the right tree first. In order to build the life we want, we must know what things are — really — important and then, let the rest be built around them.

Schedule them in your agenda.

On a specific day, start planning your week ahead, remember, things don’t happen by chance.

Be Flexible and Adjust when needed.

Life has a way of surprising us, sometimes for the better and others for the worse. Allow some slack in between your days for any “Ad hoc” or unforeseen event that you might encounter. In this way you reduce the chance of having your whole day derailed due to some unexpected situation.

Every minute we spend is our choice — remember: there are no victims here, only poor choices…



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